How to Extract Zillow Property Data to Excel

Quickly Extract Data From Zillow to Excel

Every successful real estate agent understands the importance of having organized data for their success. Zillow statistics epitomize this site as one of the many property listing platforms that offer excellent lead generation opportunities for real estate professionals. 

Due to Zillow’s vast customer base, incoming lead data can quickly accumulate in your inbox and will demand your immediate attention. Suppose you utilize the Zillow website with other online real estate platforms like Redfin and Trulia. In that case, you’ll likely be looking at dozens, if not hundreds, of incoming emails in your inbox every day. 

No real estate agent wants to spend hours manually searching and entering lead data from Zillow into a Microsoft Excel file or a CRM system. A web scraping solution like Parserr can easily automate the data entry process for your realty business. Simply link Zillow to Excel to automate and organize your real estate data with Parserr’s simple integration.

Let’s look at how Zillow to Excel automation can work for your real estate business. 

What Kind Of Lead Data Can I Pull From Zillow? 

You’re probably wondering, “What kind of lead data or property data can I pull from Zillow?” The short answer: every detail relevant to your real estate business. Your incoming email’s most basic customer data includes the sender’s name, location, and contact information. 

However, you may want to customize your parsing rules to capture other vital details in your emails, such as keywords in customer inquiries, ZIP codes, property details, images, links, and even file attachments.

Any real estate broker can scrape data from Zillow without prior programming knowledge. An email parsing solution automatically captures all of your essential lead data and then connects the data directly to your favorite CRM or database for hands-free data entry. This means that you can spend more time on lead generation, managing your team, and closing deals rather than wasting hours searching for and typing data into a spreadsheet. 

Zillow also offers a program known as Zillow Premier Agent, which provides real estate professionals more market exposure, thus, more incoming lead data for your realty business. Using Zillow lead automation, a real estate broker can optimize their MLS website and manage all potential clients without missing a beat. 

How to Export Lead Data from Zillow to Excel Spreadsheets? 

It’s easy to export lead data from Zillow to Excel with a powerful data scraping integration like Parserr. Real estate data from Zillow, your company’s real estate website, and other listing sites like Redfin and Trulia can all be captured and extracted into one easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet.

5 Steps to Export Zillow Data to Excel with Parserr

To automatically export your Zillow data into an Excel file, simply set up Parserr’s web scraper in 5 easy steps: 

  1. Create a Parserr account and set up a dedicated email inbox for all your incoming Zillow lead emails.
  2. Next, forward a Zillow email to your Parserr inbox to test the setup. 
  3. Then, create your data scraping rules. You can use the default rules provided or customize the rules to capture the exact real estate data you need. 
  4. After that, test the parsing rules using the forwarded Zillow email. The scraped data will appear as a Parserr email, which you can then confirm the accuracy of the data and tweak the parsing rules if necessary. 
  5. Finally, export your parsed Zillow data into an Excel worksheet. Select the downloads option, choose the Excel file format (XLS), name your spreadsheet, save the file, and click the download link. 
Parse Zillow Property Data

Congrats, You Have Successfully Extracted Zillow Lead Data to Excel

As you can see, anyone can learn how to export lead data from Zillow to Excel quickly. The email parsing tool generates an API key to capture data from Zillow automatically. Once the software is set up, your Zillow data is ready to export to Excel. All incoming emails defined in the setup process will automatically be scrapped whenever a new real estate lead hits your inbox.

How to Utilize Your Incoming Zillow Data? 

After selecting and parsing your data, the next step is to figure out how to utilize your Zillow data. Value addition is the main benefit of using Zillow API data in a real estate business. More accurate data means offering more precise property information like home values in a specific ZIP code. Using your Zillow data, you can also update inaccurate property information, such as your Zillow estimate and rental property rates. 

Other ways to use your Zillow data include: 

  • Business forecasting: quickly identify emerging trends, such as popular neighborhoods, property prices, and buyer demographics, to inform your strategy.
  • Prioritizing leads: adapt your communication strategy to convert luke-warm leads to buying clients.
  • Optimizing your MLS data to track listings across multiple real estate platforms.
  • Greater efficiency translated to a better agency reputation, meaning you can win more FSBO listings to work with your services.

Improve Workflows & Lead Organization with Parserr’s Zillow to Excel Automation

While the data extraction happens in the background, you can respond to potential clients, organize property showings, improve marketing, and other essential tasks. Parserr is the ideal tool to save you time and money by automating your Zillow to Excel process. 

Export Your Zillow Data to Google Sheets, PDFs, CSVs & More!

Parserr also gives you other file options like Google Sheets, CSV, PDF, DOC, TXT, XML, and integrates with countless CRM systems in your real estate business. Get started with a Free Trial Today!

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