Randy Unger

Randy is the CEO of Parserr. His background is in software development, product management, and all-around technology. He began his tech career in 1997 with internships with government contractors like SAIC and Northrop Grummann, working on projects like the first FBI fingerprint database and the instant background check system. After earning a B.A in Cognitive Science at the University of Virginia, Randy moved to Los Angeles, where he worked as a Java and Scala Developer at Skechers and Gravity, a VC-backed startup that was acquired by AOL. He switched to Product Management at Gravity and launched a new business unit that grew profit by 50%. As Head of Product at Honey, he helped implement big data processes, machine learning, and data analysis leading to their eventual acquisition by PayPal. He also helped Vertebrae, Autonomous Technologies, Middesk and Assembled Brands as a Product and Engineering Consultant before going to Parserr in 2019 as the CEO. With a portfolio spanning two and a half decades, Randy boasts of early exposure to APIs with strong experience in data pipelines, modeling, analysis, and machine learning, which has helped propel the solutions available with Parserr’s automation framework.
In his free time, you’ll find Randy playing soccer, reading sci-fi & fantasy, and cooking.

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Author: Randy Unger

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