Parserr Launches an Automated Lead Generation Template for Zillow Property Managers 

The goal of any business is to grow, gain more customers, and earn higher profits. But what happens when growth gets out of control? Imagine getting so many leads you struggle to keep track of them. It sounds like a business owner’s worst nightmare, doesn’t it?  

Luckily, if you’re a Zillow property manager, it doesn’t have to be your nightmare.

Thanks to our automated Zillow lead generation template, as a real estate professional, you can make your business more profitable through automation. Forget about having to invest large chunks of time in sorting through hot leads or hiring someone else to do it for you. Set up your parsing rules and gain back precious hours to reach out to your clients. 

If you’re growing your real estate business or looking to grow it (and who isn’t?), then this is the solution for you.  

In this article, you’ll learn how to automate all your leads without letting a single one slip through the cracks. 

The Long Wait is Over! 

We have been working on a template that allows property managers to funnel hot leads into CRMs automatically.  

We know that automation can maximize revenue in the real estate industry. And even though it took us a bit to get all the details in place, our hard launch is finally here and your business can be among the first ones to benefit from it. 

At a glance, there’s nothing like this Zillow parsing template. This is automation at its most efficient level. 

Why is this Automated Template Important for Property Managers? 

Besides automatically extracting leads and organizing them into your CRM, this Zillow parsing template comes with great benefits that will help you to get the most out of each lead you get. 

Automated Set-it-and-forget-it Lead Management Solution

This is the crown jewel of our Zillow parsing template. You won’t have to sort through your email inbox to find and categorize hot leads. Once you set up your Parserr rules, the automation will do it. All leads will be sent to your CRM to be ready to contact you.  

Have all the contact information organized in the same place and use the freed-up time and resources to reach out to prospects. 

A/B testing  

All good marketers and salespeople know that A/B testing is among the best tools in your arsenal. Some messages will work better with some customers than others, and others will simply work better than anything else. But to find the perfect message, you will need to test them, improve them and test them again – and that’s what Zillow does. 
The good news is that Parserr fully integrates with Zillow A/B testing. While this model has many benefits, multiple email formats will compel you to adjust your parsing rules every time.  

But as long as you use your Zillow parsing template, Parserr will take care of the email format from the A/B testing, and you will get the exact data you need to grow your business. 

100s of Apps and Dozens of Native Integrations 

Parserr connects seamlessly with dozens of native integrations, including popular CRMs like HubSpot and Salesforce.  

For additional resources, Parserr integrates with Zapier to give you access to hundreds of apps without using code. The integration with Zapier will enable you to connect to commonly used email providers like Gmail and Outlook and platforms to reach out to your customers like Twitter, Zillow, WordPress, and Mailchimp. 

Think of our CRM integration as the tip of the iceberg. Thanks to Parserr, you’ll be able to create and adapt workflows that will make your entire company more productive and your business more profitable. 

How to use the Template  

We’ve made sure that using this Zillow parsing template is straightforward.

The first thing you need to do is sign up for a Parserr account. You can start with a free account and upgrade as needed.  

Once you complete your registration, you’ll be able to send your first email to your Parserr inbox. This email will become the sample you’ll use to create all your parsing rules. 

Step 1: Go to your Parserr inbox and find your sample email 

Step 2: Next, go to “Rules” and choose “Zillow homes you’ll love” 

Step 3: Click “export” and choose your destination  

Here’s where you’ll choose to export this data once, set up a repetitive export, or choose an integration to create a workflow. 
Once everything is set up to work as intended, create a rule that will automatically forward your emails to Parserr and you’ll be all set.

Every time you receive an email from a lead, the email will go through the rules you’ve created, and the data extracted from it will feed your CRM or the selected workflows. Then, your sales and marketing teams will be able to contact your leads as usual. 

Wrapping up 

We know that handling voluminous documents and huge volumes of data is a challenge for Zillow property managers. There are so many leads coming in that there’s always the fear that a big fish will get lost in manual processing. But you can avoid that and save dozens of hours by automating your data extraction with Parserr. Forget about sorting your email manually and embrace automation with our Zillow parsing template. Contact us! 

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