Email to Database: Setup in less than 5 minutes!

Are you receiving hundreds of emails everyday in your business which you wish you could capture in straight to your database? We can help you! We’ve helped thousands like you! Best part? We have a free plan just for you for your first 20 emails every month!

Sending email to database can be quite complicated for many businesses, depending on what database you maybe using. For instance, many of our real estate clients will use Parserr’s service to allow all their property inquiries, whether they’re rental or sales, from all of their various systems, to be automatically added to their CRM through our email to database service. We also have a number of restaurant partners using our email to database service to allow their many food orders, streaming in from multiple systems, to be automatically added into their central POS system.

There are a lot of ways Parserr can help. If you’re not sure, send us an email, and we’d be more than happy to help you automate your email!

What types of database do you support?

“Database” can be a very loose term for a data store. In real estate terms, “database” often implies the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software which houses all your leads, opportunities and customers. Real estate executives often receive multiple leads from varying sources like Zillow or and need those to be added straight into their list of opportunities and leads.

In more technical terms, “database” implies the housing of data in a datastore like SQL, Mysql, Redshift etc.

Luckily we support every scenario above. Developers and Real estate executives celebrate!

Email to database for Real Estate

A common requirement we see at Parserr is the ability to extract incoming leads from sources like Zillow, or other leads sites. Typically our customers require us to extract these emails to CRMs such as Follow up boss, Contactually, Top producer and a few others. Through our partnership with Zapier, we’re able to support these scenarios very easily. Once you signup, we simply allow you to setup your rules, and then extract the exact data you need from the email using a series of rules:

email parser for real estate

Then, signing into Zapier, you’re able to setup a trigger and action to send this data straight to your CRM. The example below shows us creating a contact in Hubspot every time a new email is sent to Parserr. However this could be done for any of the Real Estate CRMs available in Zapier. If you’re receiving leads in your email and you want them in your database/CRM, signup today and let us know if you need any help getting up and running!

Email to database for SQL, MySql etc

Getting data into SQL, Mysql, Redshift, Mongo or AWS RDS from email doesn’t need to be so hard. Once you signup, we simply allow you to setup your rules, and then extract the exact data you need from the email using a series of rules as shown above with the Real Estate example. Using Zapier or Microsoft Flow you can then push that data to Microsoft SQL for example. Click the below image to see a pre-made template we have with Microsoft Flow just for that:

Or using Zapier, you can send the data straight to your Mysql instance as soon as you send an email to Parserr:

email parser for mysql

How do I start?

  1. Head over here and signup for our free plan. Its simple to register. Simply give us your email and password and we will get you signed up.
  2. Once you have signed up, you’ll receive a confirmation email from us. Simply click the link we sent you to confirm:Capture
  3. Once you sign-in, follow the prompts to setup your incoming email.


How does Email to Database work?

You will be guided through the following steps:

  1. Setting up your incoming email address – This is how we will receive the emails that you wish to send to your database. Simply setup a forward on your email account for all emails you’d like to capture. We will give you an email address to send to, no worries!
  2. Setting up your rules – Once we are receiving your emails, we will of course need to know what to do with the content. What parts of the email you need to extract. That is where you setup a few rules which will help us extract (parse) the email and get the content ready to send to the database
  3. Sending your data to your database – At Parserr we support multple “email to database” scenarios. Because we know everybody uses a different database, we have partnered with Zapier to allow us to send your extracted data to pretty much any database required.Salesforce to Excel, Zoho to Airtable. They are all supported. If you’re not sure then don’t be afraid to ask.Zapier