Extract Relevant Data from Emails, with Ease

Tired of manually sorting through emails for important information? Let Parserr do the heavy lifting for you. Our top-notch email parsing tool easily extracts the exact data you need without any hassle. Imagine cutting your costs in half and having extra time to focus on more important tasks. Upgrade your workflow with Parserr and say goodbye to the tedious way of email data extraction.

Parsing Emails Just Got So Much Easier and Faster With Parserr.

Don’t miss a thing. Extract all the key data from incoming emails, including:

Date and Time:
You can identify the exact date and time the email was sent and use it for further analysis or organization.

You can extract the subject line or title of the email, allowing you to categorize and sort your emails efficiently.

CC and BCC:

You can retrieve the email address(es) listed in the Carbon Copy or Blind Carbon Copy sections of the email, helping you understand the email’s distribution.


You can determine the email address of the sender, giving you valuable insight into the source of the email.


You can find the recipient’s email address,  allowing you to understand who the email was intended for.


You can extract the email’s main message  giving you a clear understanding of the content of the email.


You can retrieve any files attached to the email, such as documents or images, allowing you to access all the information contained within the email.


You can access extra information about the email, such as delivery status or message priority, providing you with a comprehensive view of the email’s journey.

Entire email

You can parse the entire text of the email, ensuring that you have all the information you need and nothing is left out.

Why is Parserr Preferred? Here’s Why...

More than a tool, Parserr is dedicated to finding once-and-for-all solutions tailored to your exact data extraction needs.

Here’s what some of our best customers love most about Parserr…

Automate Your Business Processes

With Parserr, you’ll find a dedicated team of experts who are committed to taking your data extraction needs from “sighs” to “sighs of relief” in no time. Don’t waste time and resources on  overloads of boring data when Parserr can handle all the heavy lifting for you in a matter of minutes.

Move Data Right Where It Belongs

Parserr automatically captures the relevant data you need from recurrent emails and seamlessly sends them to spreadsheets, databases, as well as to other integration services.

Convert Emails to Structured Data

Parserr parses emails for key data and then organizes it in a way that’s easier to visualize and analyze to gain deeper insight for better decision making. Our process is a breeze – simply feed your emails into Parserr and let us work our magic.

Boost Your Productivity

Why settle for average when you can have better? Skip countless hours of manual data entry and unnecessary labor costs. The best part? You can improve data entry speed and quality all at the tap of a few buttons.

Set Up Your Email Parsing Workflow

Book a discovery call

Schedule a discovery call with one of our Customer Success Specialists to chat about your parsing needs. Think of it like a first date, but for your email parsing needs.

Send your sample emails

Once we understand your requirements, we’ll ask you to send us some sample emails depending on the data type and formats you want to be parsed. This helps us to configure rules for you and map them with the necessary integrations.

Sit back and relax

Leave the tech stuff to us. After configuring rules and mapping integrations, we’ll schedule a hand-off call with you to  explain and provide any necessary instructions.

Set Sail with the Best Email Parser in the market!

It’s time to say goodbye to cluttered email inboxes and hello to seamless email workflows.