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Zapier goes live with Parserr

Zapier has gone live with Parserr! After a short beta phase with the wonderful folks over at Zapier, Parserr is now live. We have seen an enormous uptake of Zapier with Parserr. We couldn’t possibly integrate with every CRM/ERP or Accounting system out there. That’s why, partnering with Zapier has made it possible to extend our the functionality […]

Email Parser Customer Interview: Mauricio Chinemann

Parserr sat down with Mauricio Chinemann to discuss how he saves time using Parserr in his translation business and how email parsing helps him generally in his business. Mauricio tells us he saves more than 4 hours a week by simply parsing incoming emails into a task based system. What do you do? I run a translation and localization business […]

Email Parser Customer Interview: Lucid Charts

Parserr sat down with Micaela Wright from Lucid Charts to discuss how they save time using Parserr and how email parsing helps them in their business. Lucid Chart save more than 4 hours a week by simply parsing incoming reports from Marketo and saving directly to Google Sheets, so that they can further manipulate them […]

Email to SharePoint Online

I clearly remember the great benefit of having document libraries and custom lists email-enabled in SharePoint 2007-2016. It took a little bit of work to get Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint talking to one another, but once working, “Email to SharePoint” libraries or lists worked a dream. Being able to simply forward a document, directly as […]

Create Dynamics CRM Leads from Emails with Microsoft Flow and Parserr

Do you receive emails like this? And you manually copy them into Dynamics CRM? Most businesses work through relationships. These relationships come through many different many mediums, be it word of mouth, conferences or a local letter box drop. However more and more businesses are receiving leads and new contacts through the digital medium. If […]

Extract Text from Excel

After many coffees, many late nights and many tests, our Excel parser is here! Want to filter excel data and extract text from Excel easily? Have a look below: Many of our customers receive excel email attachments in the forms of bank account data (shown above), reports, invoices, leads and many other different document types. Extracting […]

Email Parser for Microsoft Flow

We did it! We are now part of the Microsoft Flow and Logic Apps family and we couldn’t be more excited! This integration will open us up to be integrated with more than 135 different services. And that number is growing daily for Microsoft Flow. Parserr is the first email parser to be added to […]

Parserr wins 2017 award from FinancesOnline

Parserr is really excited to have been awarded both the “Great User Experience Award” and “Rising Star Award” with FinancesOnline for 2017. This is not only a massive achievement for Parserr but also a huge honour for us so early in the company’s history. We hope to keep striving to become everyone’s number one product! […]

The Email Parser Journey: Freeing your data

Where is most of our data? I have worked in electronic document management my entire life. Most data unfortunately is locked away! As a SharePoint consultant for the past 13 years, I have seen how companies store documentation and the useful data within and how they use documentation everyday. Despite the wealth of cloud based […]

The Email Parser Journey: Bootstrapping to Freedom

I, like many single founders out there, have this perfect scenario mapped out in my head and i think I’m on that road. My perfect scenario really looks a bit like this: Location independence I have this notion of being able to travel. Now i have read about a lot of these single founder types […]