Email Automation for Realtors and Property Managers; Extract Information from Your Emails with Ease

Are you a realtor receiving hundreds of inquiries in your email and struggling to keep up with them? Are you tired of the never-ending nightmare of sifting through countless real estate leads?

Say goodbye to that struggle with Parserr, your ultimate solution for automatically extracting and exporting information from emails to your CRM, Sheets, Excel or your preferred destination.


Lead Parsing and Time Savings

Parserr takes the burden off your shoulders, liberating your valuable time for more important tasks. No more painstakingly going through each email and extracting data from each entry.   

Simply configure the email parser, link it to your integration of choice, and let it handle the heavy lifting. 

Effortless Setup: As Simple as ABC

Unleash the true potential of data automation with unparalleled ease. Don’t let valuable leads slip through the cracks, lose their significance, or get buried in chaos. 

With Parserr, extracting information from your email inbox and leveraging it for informed business decisions has never been easier. Just schedule a call with our customer success specialist, who will expertly guide you through rule mapping and configuration. 

A foolproof

automation solution

Dealing with enormous amounts of data can be overwhelming. From unstructured data to error-filled, raw and inconsistent patterns, obstacles of data management are endless.  

Parserr is purposefully designed to extract information from your email, simplifying complex data handling requirements and ensuring clean, error-free data output. 

Dozens of native integrations

Adding functionality to your email workflows is an evergreen question in your real estate business. 

When it comes to moving data from A to B, making sure every component works is crucial in keeping its functionality.  

Parserr guarantees a robust infrastructure by pulling data from your inbox and exporting it to numerous integrations, meticulously maintained to keep them functioning always. 

Export Information from Your Email to Our

Native App Features & Integrations

A Testament Of

Unmatched Customer Service


Eliminate manual data entry. Add functionality to your real estate business.