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Parserr turns incoming emails into useful data that can be exported to various integrations and third-party applications.   

At its core, Parserr is built to be a plug-and-play tool that connects with hundreds of apps and dozens of native integrations. 

You can set up an unlimited number of rules for each inbox and change the inbox name and address. While first setting up Parserr, your inbox address will be a combination of strings but you can modify that inbox by changing its address and name. 

Rules are sets of instructions that tell Parserr what type of information to extract from the email. They point the algorithm to where the data is and instruct it to extract it based on your preset configurations.  

You can create, clone and edit an unlimited number of rules per inbox.  

Parserr connects with hundreds of apps and dozens of native integrations to which your data can be exported.   

Zapier and Microsoft flow are the default connectors, or bridges, but some plans allow you to create custom integrations. 

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Free your world from manual data entry.