Parse Email Attachments Automatically, with Parserr

Still manually searching through emails to extract relevant data from attachments? We have a much better way to get this done easier and faster. With us, you can parse unlimited email attachments, extract needed fields, and export data to applications…in a few clicks.

Streamline Your Business Processes with Parserr

Extract valuable data automatically from emails and attachments with ease.

Invoice Processing

Say goodbye to manual data errors and extract relevant invoice data received via email, streamlining your accounts payable process for improved business efficiency.

Purchase Order Management

Keep track of your inventory with ease by extracting essential information from purchase orders received as attachments, allowing for faster processing and improved inventory management.

Resume Screening

With Parserr, you can ditch the manual resume review process and extract relevant information from resumes and CVs received as email attachments, simplifying candidate screening for HR professionals and recruiters.

Report Consolidation

Say hello to streamlined decision-making. Parserr extracts data from various reports sent as email attachments, making it easy to compile and analyze information for informed decision-making.

Customer Feedback Analysis

Parserr helps you improve your products and services with ease by extracting valuable insights from customer feedback forms received as email attachments, making it simple to identify areas for improvement and enhance customer satisfaction.

Sales Lead Management

With Parserr, you can boost your sales and grow your business by extracting relevant contact information and details from sales leads received as email attachments, simplifying lead management and increasing conversion rates.

Why Parserr

Designed to be your secret weapon in the world of data extraction, we can help you to:

Improve Efficiency

With Parserr, you can effortlessly extract valuable data from your email attachments, which means you can save a ton of your time and money.

Automate Workflows

We can help you integrate Parserr with other systems and softwares to automatically trigger specific actions, depending on the type of attachment received.

Increase Accuracy

Parserr automates the entire attachment parsing process, giving you piece of mind as no email attachment will be missed, and all the valuable and critical data will be collected and stored

Manage and Store Different Types of Email Attachments

Create inboxes and parse your email attachments by use case. You can also choose for how long to keep your data stored in your Parserr account.

Protect Your Data

Your security is of utmost importance to us, which is why we provide an added layer of security to keep your email data safe from malicious code attacks.

The Document Types We Support

Our parsing library accommodates a multitude of document types, including:

Text Documents

Don’t waste time manually copying and pasting information from plain text files. With Parserr, you can easily extract data from files with .txt, .rtf, or .html extensions and route it to your preferred destination.


PDFs can be a headache to manually extract data from, especially when you need to maintain the original format and layout. Now, you don’t have to sacrifice accuracy for efficiency, thanks to Parserr. Our solution can extract data from PDFs with a .pdf extension while preserving the document’s original format and layout.
Word Processing Documents

Whether you’re creating contracts, proposals, or other written documents, extracting data from .doc or .docx files can be time-consuming. Enter Parserr. Extract text from Word documents with ease and route it to your destination of choice effortlessly.


Extracting data from .xls, .xlsx, or .csv files can be a tedious and error-prone task. Quickly extract information arranged in rows and columns and route it to your preferred destination with Parserr. Whether you need to extract customer data or analyze sales figures, Parserr has got you covered.

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