We manage the data so you can do the real work.

Parserr makes data extraction a breeze with custom rules that can be tailored specifically to your needs and data delivery making your parsing as smooth as possible.

Our use cases are nearly unlimited, but here’s a short list of some great applications we’ve come across.

Extract data from
Email to Spreadsheets

Set custom rules to grab data trapped in emails and export it to a spreadsheet.

Send your Email to Data Entry

Save hours of manual data entry by routing all incoming email inquiries to the correct system and person. 

Convert PDF to Order Fulmillment

Leverage our Parsing capabilities to maximize orders from your customers and extract text from purchase order PDF’s. 

Make Email Lead Capturing

Collect valuable customer information to convert email subscribers to repeating clients. 

Transform your data to Contact Inquiry

Leverage Parserr to nurture your leads and convert customer enquiries into active bookings.

Free your world from manual data entry.