Streamline Your Workflow with Our Automated Document Parser

Eliminate the need for manual data entry and needless grunt work. Use our parsing tool to easily extract and process data from loads of business documents and then export in any format or integrate with your external tools of choice. Ready?

Take Your Data Extraction Process From Stressful to Stunning in a Few Clicks.

Parserr can seamlessly extract data from document types such as Word, PDFs, and CSV files without breaking a sweat! With the click of a few buttons, Parserr can help parse documents for important data such as:


Extract key data from Word, PDF or CSV files such as URLs, anchor texts, internal/external links, clicks and conversions
Tables & Charts
Extract data from documents containing tables and charts such as sales figures, demographics, temperature readings, statistical data and so on
Parserr can easily extract specific information from several documents at once including, author information, title, date of publication, word count, page count, GPS coordinates, keywords, tags, etc.

Extract important information such as headings, lists, paragraphs from your business document


Parserr can extract formatting information such as font size, margins, bullet points, cell borders, headers/footers, page size, etc.

Why Parserr?

Most parsing platforms focus more on giving you tools and expecting you to figure everything else out on your own. Luckily, we deploy a more solution-driven approach where our dedicated experts can walk you through how to tailor our tools to meet your exact document parsing needs.

Go From Free to Super Affordable

You can test the waters absolutely free or start easy with our pocket-friendly pricing starting at $49.99 per month for up to 450 emails and 250 documents monthly.

Activate a World of Possibilities

Parserr not only helps you extract data from several file types, it lets you take advantage of our built-in Zapier integration to push extracted data to Google Sheets, Excel, Quickbooks, Zoho CRM as well as other popular business tools.

Parse Original and Scanned Documents

Parserr works on both original and scanned documents from Word, PDF, to CSV files. This means you can conveniently extract data from already printed documents and compressed files at a go.

The alternative, which is to manually extract the same data from scanned documents one after the other, would take way more time and effort. Not to mention the avoidable errors or inconsistencies that could result from manually extracting data.

Get Started with No Experience

We won’t leave you all on your own. Parserr helps you set up your first few rules so you can see firsthand how it’s done till you get in the zone.

The Document Types We Support

You can parse documents in plain text format, including documents created with word processing software such as Google Docs and Microsoft Word
Parserr works really well with Portable Document Formats (PDFs) which can be parsed to extract text, images, annotations and other key data
Comma Separated Values (CSV) files can be parsed by our robust parsing tool to extract data and then import same into spreadsheet software or database

Parserr also supports documents created using spreadsheet software such as Google sheets, Excel, etc


Microsoft Word Document files can be easily parsed and converted into usable data with Parserr’s advanced document parsing tool.


Portable Document Format files can be parsed by Parserr to extract data, even from scanned or image-based PDFs


Microsoft Excel Workbook files can be parsed and transformed into structured data by Parserr.


Easily extract XLS data and import into spreadsheet software or databases.


Simple Transform TXT files into structured data with Parserr’s text pZarsing capabilities.


Log files can be parsed and transformed into structured data with Parserr’s log parsing tool.


Keyhole Markup Language (KML) files can be parsed with Parserr to extract data and convert it into structured data.

Parse Your Next Documents in 3 Easy Steps
Book a discovery call

Schedule a discovery call with one of our Customer Success Specialists to chat about your parsing needs. Think of it like a first date, but for your email parsing needs.

Send your sample emails

Once we understand your requirements, we’ll ask you to send us some sample emails depending on the data type and formats you want to be parsed. This helps us to configure rules for you and map them with the necessary integrations.

Sit back and relax

Leave the tech stuff to us. After configuring rules and mapping integrations, we’ll schedule a hand-off call with you to  explain and provide any necessary instructions.

Go With Parserr Today and Experience Document Parsing Automation on Another Level. Ready?