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Our time shouldn’t be wasted staring at excel sheets, copying and pasting. Instead, leave the data extraction to us so you can focus on getting meaningful insights from that data.

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See Parserr do its thing.


We’re a match with other apps!

Integrate as many systems as you need with our direct integrations, tailored to your business needs. Or connect it via Zapier.

Our algorithm includes human support.

Parserr is perfected by technology and run by people, so let us help you get set up! Get in touch with our team and we’ll make sure you get a parsing solution tailored to you needs.

From PDF to
Sheets, we got you covered.

We know there are plenty of file types out there, so we’ve made it easy to extract data from them all. Parserr handles a wide range of formats, including email attachments.

Make the most out
of your data and your business.

Parserr is the perfect solution for a wide range of industries. With our email parsing software, you can connect disconnected systems without API and a developer, and our deep ruleset can be as specific as you need while being more accurate than a highlight-based algorithm.

All you need is love, Parserr and parsing possibilities.

Parserr is the ultimate approach for a wide variety of cases, from taking data from an email to a spreadsheet to converting a PDF to a fulfillment order. We are here for you no matter where you are in your CRM journey.

Feature filled and
solution driven.

While other platforms may give you tools, we know that one tool can’t solve every problem. Why waste time when you can have a solution right away?

At Parserr, we view your data processing as a partnership. That means avoiding the steep learning curve of other parsing platforms and letting us focus on a solution tailored to your needs. It’s as easy as getting in touch with one of our experts and letting us do the heavy lifting.

This way you can save time and frustration, while focusing on getting meaningful insights from your data.

Free your world from manual data entry.