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Extract data from email, automate your business and eliminate unnecessary manual data entry

    An Email Parser to Automate Your Business

    Everyday you receive hundreds of emails full of business critical data. Wouldn’t it be great if it could automatically end up where its meant to be? Now you can…

    Incomings Leads and Contacts to CRM

    Do you receive "contact us" submissions & offline live chat correspondences and manually update your CRM with this data?
    Using an email parser will allow you to extract data like firstname, lastname and other demographic data!

    Reports, Invoices or Delivery Notes to Order Management System

    Do you receive loads of delivery notes or invoices you wish could be synchronised to your order management system?
    Using an email parser will allow you to extract data like total amount or customer name from invoices and delivery notes

    Work Orders or Order Confirmations?

    Do you receive work orders which you manually input into your 3rd party systems?
    Using an email parser will allow you to extract work order line items, delivery or order dates

    Features and Details

    We specialize in just one thing; Getting data out of email quickly and easily!

    Setup in 5 minutes

    We make it really easy for you to setup yourself. But we know parsing can be hard. That's why we'll do it for you too!

    Email to CRM

    Receive leads, contacts or opportunities through email you'd love to see in your CRM? you've come to the right place!

    Website contact forms to CRM

    We help hundreds of customers consolidate website contact information straight into their CRM!

    Set & forget

    Once you're setup, just keep sending us emails and we'll keep doing our thing! No need to touch it again!

    Email to Excel

    Need to produce a report of leads captured that week? or purchase orders for the month? Thats our bread and butter!

    Extract data from docs

    Receive report data, purchase orders or invoices in Excel, CSV or PDF form? We can extract that for you and push it anywhere thanks to our integration with Zapier!

    Our Pricing Plans

    Start on our free plan if you’d like. All prices shown in United States dollars
    Parserr Enterprise
    Contact us to discuss our plans for high volume customers and large businesses. Complete with on-boarding & training, priority phone support and expedited support.