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Parserr Software Update May 18, 2022

At Parserr, we prioritize user experience and productivity. That’s why we continue to improve our product to help your teams parse information quickly and effectively. This month brought a software update encapsulating new features and many bug fixes that make our service more user-friendly. Bugs Fixed 1. The ‘Resources’ button

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Parserr Software Update February 3, 2022

To offer our customers a better service, we have released another software update that will improve user experience and simplify parsing data.  Newest Additions Error-free RuleName choices Users can now select from existing RuleNames when editing a rule. This will avoid the confusion of having two rules with the same

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Parserr Software Update February 10, 2022

At Parserr, we pride ourselves on making our product better. We improved a couple of things that made a big difference. Clickable Buttons On our integrations page, we improved our buttons by making them clickable. Now, each one will take you to the correct integration. This change will improve productivity

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Parserr Software Update January 3, 2022

At Parserr, we don’t stop. We started the new year and managed to fix one bug and add a couple of new features to our software. As always, we aim to offer our customers the best possible service. Issues Fixed Salesforce AuthToken Our users were encountering some hiccups when trying

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Parserr Software Update December 16, 2021

The end of the year just happened. It came with many software updates, including eight fixed issues and two new features, to provide our users with an even better product.  Issues We Fixed 1. Makesbridge rules are not confused with Zillow rules anymore Our users were encountering that when they

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Parserr Software Update October 25, 2021

With the latest software update of Parserr, users will enjoy a better overall experience and encounter fewer issues while parsing email data. New Features 1. Automated CSV Export  Automating menial tasks is always a win! Now you can set up automated exports to CSV files. Save time and energy by taking advantage

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