Parserr Software Update October 25, 2021

With the latest software update of Parserr, users will enjoy a better overall experience and encounter fewer issues while parsing email data.

New Features

1. Automated CSV Export 

Automating menial tasks is always a win! Now you can set up automated exports to CSV files. Save time and energy by taking advantage of this new feature in your Parserr inbox. 

2. More Space in your Inbox with Credit Packs

Do you not have enough space in your Parserr account? Do not fret! Now you can buy credits to add space to your inbox when you need a bit of extra room. Although this feature is currently disabled, it won’t be for long. Stay tuned!

3. Parsing Microsoft Word (Doc/Docx) Files 

Go beyond parsing PDF files! With this new feature, users can now send Doc or Docx files straight to their Paserr inbox and use our rules to parse any information they want into a form file.

4. More Organized Parserr Dashboard & Updated Integrations Menu 

In the new Parserr update, you’ll notice we changed some of our settings. Settings are now called ‘Account Settings,’ and among them, you’ll find the option to change your password. Also, what was previously known as ‘Analytics’ is now called ‘Usage.’ In the Analytics section, users will be able to check their Passer usage and their current plan and credit packs (if the option is enabled). Also, our menu now looks more visually appealing and better organized!

5. Improved Speed of Registration Process 

The account registration process is now much faster. The new update will only take users a few minutes to sign up for a new Parserr account!

6. Set a Default Value for ‘No Data Found’

Users can now input a default value when adding a new rule, even when the value for the rule is not there. For example, let’s say you want to extract phone numbers from emails, but not all emails have a phone number you can extract. You can choose which value you want Parserr to show for these cases instead of showing ‘no data found.’

New Bug Fixes

1. Cleaner Extraction of Email Addresses

Before, when extracting email addresses, they would frequently end up with a backslash (\) before any symbol in the email, including the @ symbol. This issue was fixed to guarantee that users get a clean extraction of all parsed email addresses. 

2. Flawless Search and Replace Tool

We knew that our search and replace feature wasn’t working optimally, and we had to do something about it. Users won’t encounter any more issues while using this rule. You can now find and replace anything you want without running into problems. 

3. Improved Hubspot & Salesforce CRM Integrations

Many users reported encountering issues with our CRM integrations with Hubspot and Salesforce. We heard those users and resolved those issues. Users can seamlessly integrate their Parserr inbox with any of these two CRM platforms.

Parserr keeps getting better and better!

At Parserr, we are always looking to improve our product, and the features offered and create a more user-friendly experience for our customers. We can’t catch everything, so if you notice a bug, please contact us immediately!

Have a question?
If you have a question, feel free to contact our support team by creating a ticket from your account. If you don’t have an account yet, you can contact us or schedule a call here.