Parserr Software Update January 3, 2022

At Parserr, we don’t stop. We started the new year and managed to fix one bug and add a couple of new features to our software.

As always, we aim to offer our customers the best possible service.

Issues Fixed

Salesforce AuthToken

Our users were encountering some hiccups when trying to use the Salesforce integration. Now they can use the Salesforce AuthToken without running into any issues.

Added Features

1. Added two options to the SFTP integration 

Now a dropdown menu deploys when clicking the SFTP integration, giving our users the possibility of adding a date to the files or overriding the filename.

2. Process .xls files 

Our software allows users to receive files in different formats and parse them. Now they can also send .xls files and parse data from them. 

3. SharePoint integration updated

We added new options to our SharePoint integration to different sites, lists, and libraries. It’s also important to mention that if your list is deleted from SharePoint, you will receive an email notifying you of this change. After that, you’ll need to reauthenticate the integration and choose a new list/library to work on.

4. Makesbridge integration

We created a more straightforward and faster integration for users of Makesbridge.

Users only need to enter their username and API key from the Makesbridge account. They’ll be able to send their data from Parserr to Makesbridge. Easy peasy!

5. Industries overview on landing pages

We added new industry pages to the main taskbar to quickly find information related to their industries. We also updated the taskbar a little bit to offer an upgraded experience.

We’re always trying to make things better for our users!

At Parserr, we are constantly looking to improve our software and its features to create the best experience for all our customers. We try very hard, but we can’t catch everything, so please contact us right away if you notice a bug!

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