Parserr Software Update February 10, 2022

At Parserr, we pride ourselves on making our product better. We improved a couple of things that made a big difference.

Clickable Buttons

On our integrations page, we improved our buttons by making them clickable. Now, each one will take you to the correct integration. This change will improve productivity by making the navigation on the page more accessible and faster. Everything you need will be just one click away!

We also changed the title of the page and the buttons’ appearance. They look more significant and more excellent.

Fixed Minor CSS Issue

The refresh button was acting crazy and appeared as a shadow right on top of the export button. We fixed that, and now the menu looks nice and clean.

5 Quick rule bugs fixed

There were some hiccups with our quick rule feature that were causing headaches. Some rules didn’t work, while others were not working as expected, but they are all sorted now. Here’s a list of the bugs we fixed:

  • Original HTML: This rule was not showing the selected attribute, but now it’s working properly.
  • General dropdown: It’s not clickable anymore. It was never supposed to be, and it was causing some confusion among users. Our bad!
  • Rule name: Sometimes, users would add a rule, but then a different rule would pop up. We discovered that there was a rule name mismatch and we fixed it.
  • Email from: This rule didn’t work when users clicked on it. It now works well. 
  • Send date: When users selected this rule, it didn’t show the correct date and we fixed that.

Blank Cells And Misaligned Columns In Google Sheets

When integrating with Google Sheets, some users reported that they were getting blank cells and columns that were out of place. We looked into it and fixed it. It shouldn’t cause any more problems.

Improved plans page

Now users can see exactly which Parserr plan they are on and update it if they wish to. 

Improved Google Sheets Integration 

Users reported a bug with the Google Sheets integration. When they tried to set it up, they got redirected to the rules page. We took care of that. Now users will stay on the integration page after setting up the integration.

New landing page

We added a new landing page to show you all our integrations. You can find it here. Or if you go to and hover over the solution and click integrations, you’ll get there.

Improved Timestamps

We added the UTC timezone to the timestamps of all the received emails. Now users will know exactly when each of their emails arrived in their inbox.

Let’s make Parserr better together!

We want you to help us improve your experience with Parserr. If you notice a bug, contact us immediately, and we’ll do our best to fix it. And if you have any suggestions, let us know. The more we can help our users efficiently extract data from their emails, the better!

Have a question?
If you have a question, feel free to contact our support team by creating a ticket from your account. If you don’t have an account yet, you can contact us or schedule a call here.