Parserr Software Update February 3, 2022

To offer our customers a better service, we have released another software update that will improve user experience and simplify parsing data. 

Newest Additions

Error-free RuleName choices

Users can now select from existing RuleNames when editing a rule. This will avoid the confusion of having two rules with the same name when parsing data. The one rule, one name update, will help our customers generate cleaner data.

Manual URL input to SharePoint

We have been working really hard on improving our SharePoint integration. This time, we are allowing users to manually add URLs when using it. This way, users can input the site they want to go to in SharePoint hassle-free.

New Real Estate landing page

We just launched our brand new landing page for Real State Solutions! You can check it out right here. 

Parserr is Always Improving

Our primary goal at Parserr is to create the best experience for our customers by adding new essential features while keeping our product high-quality and user-friendly. 

To do our best work, we also need you. Contact us if you notice a bug or need a feature we are not offering yet.

We’re always happy to hear from you!

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