email to salesforce in 5 minutes

How to set up email to Salesforce in 5 mins

Your company receives hundreds of leads every day by email, website, and other new social sources. It’s hard to make sure all of these automatically end up in Salesforce. Have you found yourself manually creating new records in Salesforce? This article is for you!

Parsing email to Salesforce leads, inquiries, or recent orders is our most commonly requested need for many of our customers. And most of our customers do this manually before they come across Parserr. With Parserr, we can set this up for you in less than 5 minutes.

How does Email to Salesforce work?

Usually, leads will arrive from website inquiries in a format similar to below:

e.g., “First Name: Peter,” “Email:’, …) 

In other scenarios we have seen from our customers, leads are sent through in bunches, usually in Excel or PDF email attachments. The manual part of having one of your staff transfer those leads over to Salesforce is adding unnecessary and expensive overhead to your business!

Parserr can parse these emails for you automatically, whether they are in Excel, PDF, or simply inside the body of your email, following these simple steps:

  • Create a Parserr account for free (No credit card required)
  • Send us a sample email with the Salesforce details to the inbox number you’ll find in the app
  • Fill in some onboarding details such as where the data is being collected from (PDF, the body of email, i.e.)
  • Quick rules setup. In this step, you choose, according to some rules, the data that will be extracted (Name, ph #, order #, i.e.)
  • Process your sample email through the app
  • Select Salesforce from our list of integrations
  • Enjoy all the free time you and your team will save using an automation tool like Parserr!

How does the email to salesforce data end up in Salesforce?

Once you have set up your incoming email in Parserr for your email to Salesforce instance, you will be prompted to set up some rules. These rules will help you extract the exact data you require for the next step, adding that data to Salesforce.

These rules don’t vary based on whether or not your data comes from your email body or Excel/PDF. We make it easy for you to extract the data you need.

You Could Think, ” It sounds complicated. Can you set this up for us?”

Yes! That is one of the services we offer you for free! Sign up below and send in your first email. We can do the rest for you if you need it. Contact us here, and we’ll do the rest for you.

Free up your time and save money with Parserr today!

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