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Below are our company values. They reflect values that we hold individually, within each team, and as a company. We should all seek to embrace these values and reflect them in our work. When we fall short, we acknowledge it and learn from our shortcomings, seeking not perfection but rather continual improvement. If you see an opportunity for Parserr to better live out these values in our actions, please let a manager know how we can improve.


We strive to be transparent in our actions with customers and teammates. We communicate openly about both the good and the bad, free from ego, focused on the goal of continual improvement. We prefer over-communication over the possibility of misunderstanding. We empower all team members by providing open access to information and eliminating silos.​


We’re focused on ensuring that our customers trust that Parserr delivers results quickly, correctly, and reliably. And that our employees trust each other to do their best. We follow through on our commitments, and we make a commitment to each customer and employee. We persevere through difficulties to deliver results. We take pride in delivering high-quality work, and we spend time organizing, planning, and coordinating our work to achieve a high standard of results.​


We focus on collaboration, trust, and mutual support to create partnerships with customers and with employees. We seek win-win solutions. We trust each other to do our best work and communicate openly to provide each other feedback so we can improve as a team. We spend time building friendships beyond the work environment, and we recognize each other’s successes, both personal and work related.​

Entrepreneurial Spirit ​

We practice radical ownership. We are bold. We aim for greatness. We think big and tackle ambitious goals. We are proactive, making quick decisions and ignoring the status quo. We believe we can make a difference. We get things done.​

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Home > Parserr Company Values

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