The Email Parser Journey: Freeing your data

Where is most of our data? I have worked in electronic document management my entire life. Most data unfortunately is locked away! As a SharePoint consultant for the past 13 years, I have seen how companies store documentation and the useful data within and how they use documentation everyday. Despite the wealth of cloud based […]

The Email Parser Journey: Bootstrapping to Freedom

I, like many single founders out there, have this perfect scenario mapped out in my head and i think I’m on that road. My perfect scenario really looks a bit like this: Location independence I have this notion of being able to travel. Now i have read about a lot of these single founder types […]

Email to Excel: Extract data in less than 5 minutes

At Parserr, we pride ourselves on being very good at a just a few things. In that way we can serve our customers extremely well, especially in the Email to Excel space. Anytime you need to get information trapped inside an email or a document into another system, we want to be your go to […]

Email to Database: Setup in less than 5 minutes!

Are you receiving hundreds of emails everyday in your business which you wish you could capture in straight to your database? We can help you!¬†We’ve helped thousands like you! Best part? We have a free plan just for you for your first 20 emails every month! Sending email to database can be quite complicated for […]