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6 Problems of Using Your Email Inbox As Your To-Do List

Managing email tasks can be challenging, and finding a tool that suits your needs perfectly isn’t easy. Have you been using your email as your task manager? You shouldn’t be complaining about productivity and reliability if this is how you manage your tasks.

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This is because you are multitasking your mailbox -its design supports specific purposes, but you want to use it for additional tasks. The result is confusion and difficulties tracking essential tasks.

Why You Must Stop Using Your Email as Your To-Do List

Most employees think email is a viable task manager app. Should you be doing this? No, we’ll tell you why you should stop this bad habit.

No Option for Classifying Tasks

Organizing emails can be challenging since you must create several folders to classify them. Emails have features that can help sort different inboxes, but you cannot customize the messages and prioritize the important ones.

Even if you devise ways of sorting emails, there is no straightforward way to unsubscribe from less essential emails. You can’t set up filters, making them less reliable. 

Assume you receive three critical emails that need a quick response. All the emails are in your inbox, and there’s no way to indicate your action. You can’t even click on or move to another folder; plus, you don’t know how long it will take to respond to one email. 

Imagine what it would feel like if the email app had a feature to sort emails into various tabs and mark each folder with the appropriate description, like to-do or done?

You Can’t Describe the Tasks

An email is a communication tool with no priority order. Think of it this way; you receive several emails from different sources; the only difference is the subject line. 

Let’s say you were looking for clients or pursuing new deals, and you received several inboxes at a go. You must take time to scrutinize each email and sort the important ones. 

It’s time-consuming, frustrating, and confusing to filter the messages in your mailbox to classify priority lists. It may even be harder to delegate tasks to teammates.

This gets worse as you receive more emails; -the ones that need attention sink lower, requiring more time to locate them. Even though you can archive, bookmark or delete messages, think about the time you will lose trying to sift through the emails. It’s why you must avoid relying on your email as a task manager

There’s No Sequence                                    

One email can require several actions, but the task might not be apparent or relevant to the required action when each message is delivered separately.

Consider this scenario if you receive a marketing offer and like the deal. After responding, you receive countless emails, with each requiring a different response, such as choosing the best package. 

This means you scrutinize everything as you pay attention to the most minor details, and forwarding the exact emails to your teammates can be tricky. 

If your inbox is overflowing, do you think your secretary’s email isn’t as busy as yours? They might miss out on important deals!

Emails Might Not Capture Essential Details

Picture this, you secure two lucrative deals, but both need adjustments and customized features. It’s easier to forward these emails to your assistant without emphasizing important information.

Forwarding emails to your teammates without capturing essential details makes the work confusing. You can’t delegate critical roles since they don’t, as they don’t capture all the vital information. Other task-management tools have features that require you to describe a project as it is.

Limited Control

Emails are a communication tool, and other people determine what you see in your inbox. All the conversations are someone’s decision, and you cannot control this.

You can unsubscribe from various emails, but you cannot choose who emails you next time or decide on a third party’s subject line. This lack of control is frustrating, and it takes a lot of time to filter inboxes to capture what you want.

Wastes Time

Emails are like any chatbox; you can receive countless inboxes that require your time to read through and check what is essential. You will also receive notifications every time you receive a new message.

It will take time to read and delete irrelevant messages. Is this something you want to grapple with frequently? Probably not –stop using your email for all your to-do lists.

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How to Stop Relying on Your Email for Your To-Do List

Switching to another task manager is not as simple as you would wish, mainly because of the ease of access.

First, you must determine the need for a separate tool for all your to-do lists. Sorting emails is not a quick task if you get tons of messages. Imagine an email subject that requires three or more actionable steps.

Tracking all these is frustrating because you can’t customize the inbox and categorize emails by sender or due date. 

Once you see how overwhelming this can be and its impact on productivity, you will embrace a separate to-do list without second thoughts.

Next, find a reliable task management tool. There are many options in the market; check out various options and think about how they can be in charge of tasks by setting up reminders and sorting done projects in a folder describing this.

A Reliable Solution

Going through these frustrations can be a thing of the past if you find a separate tool to manage your to-dos. Parserr is an excellent solution for anyone who wants to simplify repetitive tasks without spending much time on your emails.

Besides organizing your essential tasks, Parserr has automation tools that will significantly benefit you. Get in touch today for insights and how you can incorporate this tool into your business.

Wrapping Up

Getting emails can be an excellent way to track, follow up, and deliver various projects. However, the email app doesn’t have a feature to categorize your activities, limiting your performance. The above limitations should be why you find a reliable alternative.

Fortunately, there are many task management tools in the market to help you categorize your tasks depending on urgency, description, and specifications.

You will also have an easy time collaborating with your team, enhancing productivity and reliable service delivery.

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