Email parsing software designed for Zillow property managers

Parserr extracts Zillow rental data from your mailbox and exports it into your integration of choice

Leads Parsed. Time Saved.

Parserr takes the guesswork out of your lead management. Extract leads from your mailbox like an expert, even if you’re not!

Renter Data from Zillow in Minutes

Our pre-built templates are designed to work seamlessly with Zillow Rental Manager emails. Set up takes just minutes, and pre-established rules automatically route Zillow leads to your CRM, email marketing platform, or a spreadsheet.

Save Time, Money and Get Accurate Data

It is not unusual to miss a detail with manual copying and pasting. If you receive hundreds of leads you know manual data entry is error prone. With our new managed data extraction feature you can automatically export incoming leads and save yourself hours of manual work and a ton of labor.

Stay Updated With The Latest Email

Our technical team keeps tabs with updates from Zillow. You won't have to adjust parsing rules every time Zillow changes their email format. Instead, all you need to do is sit back, relax and let Parserr do the adjustment for you.

Set It and Forget It.

Save time, save money, and automatically route your Zillow leads to any system. The perfect solution to reach new leads faster and grow your business.

Renter Data from Zillow in Minutes

Sent us a first zillow email to be parsed

We extract the data

Our pre-established rules and templates make it easy to extract the data you need

Send the Data

Where do you want your data to go? Choose among thousands of integrations and your preferred CRM system

Connect and integrate to many apps

Connect more than 10s of native integrations plus 100s of apps in seconds using Zapier & Power Automate as a bridge:

Google Sheets



Dynamics CRM


Power Automate

What our customers are saying

The best support hands down!

Parserr has the ability to parse and change just about anything. It's so flexible and powerful, honestly it's way more power than we need, but no other program seemed to be capable of what we wanted.

- Rob Waiss, Property Manager

Introducing laser accuracy and enhanced efficiency with Zillow lead management. Scrape off hours of manual work and a ton of labor.

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