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Save time, save money, and automatically route email data to any database or crm system. Our email parsing software is the perfect solution to make any business's email workflow processes more efficient.

Any industry can benefit from email parsing software

Work more efficiently by automatically extracting important business data out of your emails with Parserr.

Eliminate Data Entry

Manually analyzing emails, extracting data, and entering it into a separate system is a time-consuming and error-prone process. Email parsing software automates every step of the workflow and eliminates human error.

Save Time & Improve Workflows

Have you ever tracked how much time it takes for your employees to read emails and update your business systems with the data? Imagine reallocating those hours to more productive, revenue-generating tasks!

Reduce Costs & Save Money

Time is money, and every minute a human spends manually managing an inbox is money spent. Email parsing software uses machine learning and AI to automate the process in a fraction of the time to save you money.

Industries we serve

Email Automation For Every Business Type

Any industry that relies on email can use Parserr to analyze, identify, and extract data to another business system. Common uses for email parsing software include receiving leads, service requests, work orders, online quotes, sales orders, web inquiries, appointments, reservations, invoices or purchase orders, or any other type of information that a person would manually retrieve from an email. You can even extract attachments, contact information, or URLs.

Don’t See Your Industry Listed?

Our email parsing software can be utilized for any industry - just connect your business email & follow the simple setup! We are constantly adding new integrations & features to our platform. If you would like to know more about having a specific service included into our list of direct integrations, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

What our customers are saying

The best support hands down!

Parserr has the ability to parse and change just about anything. It's so flexible and powerful, honestly it's way more power than we need, but no other program seemed to be capable of what we wanted."

Rob R.

United States

Focus on what matters and boost your productivity with Parserr

Improve your workflow with the best automation software

Easy Set Up

Create your first rule and start using Parserr in less than 3 minutes.

Handy Integrations

Integrates with popular CRMs such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Dynamics, etc. + custom integrations available.

Built-in Templates

Rule templates for common scenarios make it easy to start extracting data.

Parserr makes your email processes more efficient

Parserr allows you to turn incoming emails into useful data to use in various third party systems. You can use it to extract anything trapped in emails such as website inquiries, inbound lead emails or even food orders. Once extracted, we make it super easy to transfer that data into a multitude of systems, including Excel, Google sheets, CRMs and more.

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