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Are you tired of endless digging through a mountain of marketing and sales leads? Do you find it inundating to sift through those leads, exporting them manually to your CRM? 

Wave goodbye to the grind with Parserr. Our game-changing solution automates the extraction and exports leads from your emails directly into your integration of choice. 

Transform Tedious

Hours Into Minutes

Don’t let manual data extraction from emails become your full-time job. With Parserr, you can set your focus free from the endless hunt of leads and moving them manually to your integration. 

Parserr is the email assistant you’ve always needed, grabbing your data and delivering it straight to your chosen integration. All it takes is configuring a few rules (which we can do for you) and mapping each one to its destination. 

Data Precision

For marketers, knowing every step a customer takes is crucial. Managing such valuable data manually, however, isn’t as precise or efficient as delegating this task to a dedicated email automation solution. 

Our solution diligently extracts incoming lead information from your mailbox, organizing it neatly in your chosen integration or CRM, so you can focus on what you do best.  

Unleash Boundless Productivity

Having an endless list of tasks is a common premonition for marketers. But, manually sorting through data from your emails and pasting it into different excel workbooks or CRM can cannibalize your precious time. 

With Parserr, automation of data flow from your emails eliminates this time-consuming requirement, allowing you to focus on the tasks that truly matter.

Data Management

Effective data management is the secret ingredient to leveraging your marketing data. With so much going on in the life of every marketer, getting leads buried deep in the rubble can create a messy minefield of data. 

Parserr helps you declutter and restructure your data flows from the ground up. All you need to do is use Parserr to bridge the gap between information in your email inbox and your CRM or integration of choice. 

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