What is a CRM? and How to Choose the best one?

Businesses experience challenges with an endless amount of data when growth comes. As a company shifts from scribbling customer information on sticky notes to typing data into spreadsheets, it quickly becomes apparent that a better organizational standard is essential. 

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A customer relationship management (CRM) system is designed to bring all your customer information onto one platform. Read on to discover what a CRM system is and how it can boost business growth. 

What is a CRM System? 

By definition, a customer relationship management (CRM) system is a technology that helps a business manages all kinds of customer relationships, from leads to after purchase. 

A CRM aggregates client data, such as phone numbers, physical and email addresses, social media profiles, job titles, transaction history, and much more. When you have this information at hand, your business can track the entire customer life cycle and build better relationships to improve customer satisfaction. 

Do I Need a CRM? Key Questions to Answer 

A CRM is a considerable investment for any business because of the subscription fees and the potential returns in efficiency and growth. If your answer is “Yes” to any of these questions, you may need a CRM solution

Do You Need To Track Your Leads And Customers Better?

Use a CRM system to create workflows around your leads. You’ll know when to follow up, what to upsell, and how to direct them to the right team players to resolve their inquiries. 

Do You Have Multiple Contact Points With Your Customers?

Leads can engage with your business through your website, social pages, phones, texts, emails, and in-store visits. Manage all these touchpoints from a centralized CRM system.

Do You Have A Longer-Than-Average Sales Cycle? 

If it takes weeks or even months to complete a sale, you risk losing clients along the way if you don’t track the cycle using a CRM system.

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Do You Want Better Business Data? 
A CRM system gives you insights into your sales, market share, customer personas, marketing strategies, content generation, and so much more. 

Do You Need To Automate Your Business Processes? 

With a CRM system, you can automatically notify clients through emails and SMS messages about completing their online purchase, offer discounts, send newsletters, and collect feedback about your business and products. 

How to Choose a CRM System 

When choosing a CRM system, there are essential factors to consider no matter your industry. Keep these top 3 tips in mind to choose the right CRM solution:

  • Features and tools: Your CRM system should have tools including contact management, lead tracking, marketing automation, intuitive dashboards, GDPR compliance, and remote access. 

  • Integrations: The CRM should share data with other business software such as accounting, productivity, collaboration, and other cloud-based services. 

  • Pricing: CRM vendors pack in many features and integrations to justify their pricing model, but go for a solution that works for you, not all the bells and whistles. 

How Parserr Makes Your CRM System Better 

Think about it: operating a business without a CRM system is costly. As you focus more on gathering customer data and chasing leads, you spend less energy building the right customer relationships. 

Parserr can free up even more of your resources by driving data from your incoming lead emails straight into your CRM—no more hours spent on manual data entry. Automated email parsing means no errors, increased streamlining, and ultimately, a healthy profit for your business. Use Parserr to automate lead data entry to save time and money today.

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