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Parserr Software Update: May 2022

Software Update May 2022

At Parserr, we prioritize user experience and productivity. That’s why we continue to improve our product to help your teams parse information quickly and effectively. This month brought a software update encapsulating new features and many bug fixes that make our service more user-friendly.

Bugs Fixed

The ‘Resources’ button:

Our ‘Resources’ button was acting up: users clicked on it, but nothing happened. But the truth is, it was never supposed to do anything! 

The ‘Resources’ button is now what it was always meant to be: a drop-down menu. It’s not clickable anymore, but it will give you the options to go to our blog or our support page, depending on what you need.

Whitespace checkbox error fixed: 

Random characters would pop up when users click on the whitespace checkbox instead of the dots and arrows that were supposed to appear. 

This issue is now resolved. Now, the whitespace checkbox works as intended.

Delete mapping bug fixed:

When users tried to delete a mapping in Google Sheets, the wrong mapping got deleted. 

We fixed this issue, and now the correct mapping gets deleted when using this feature.

Google sheet multiple rows bug fixed:

Users were experiencing issues with the Google Sheets integration. When they tried to parse information from a column, sometimes this information would land in a single cell. In other cases, the data got separated into different rows which made the results inconsistent. 

To fix this problem, we set a default rule in which parsing data from a column to a Google sheet will send all the information into the same row. We also added a new rule called ‘Send as separate rows’ to allow users to parse the data into different rows. Depending on your needs, you can choose to parser information using the default or the added setting.

Search not working in incoming emails:

The search field in the incoming emails page was not working correctly. We fixed the issue, and now users can easily find their emails with it.

The download button in the invoice section wasn’t working

This issue caused users some trouble, as they could not download invoices from the billing page. The problem is now fixed, and users can again download invoices.

New Features

Adjusted timezone: 

This is a big one to improve productivity. Our default timezone in the software is GMT +0, but if you want the software to show your timezone, all you need to do is go to your ‘Account Settings’ and choose your timezone. That way, you’ll always stay on top of your tasks.

Gmail forwarding code auto-detection:

Users can now easily connect the forwarding option from the Gmail inbox to the Parserr inbox by using a unique code they’ll find in Parserr. 

Let’s Make Parserr Better Together!

We are always looking to make small changes that will significantly improve your experience. But the new features we offer or the bugs we fix will greatly depend on our customers’ feedback. So if you notice a bug, please do not hesitate to contact us right away!