Allan Kimutai

Allan is a lead generation and automation wordsmith with a knack for content marketing and SEO. He has years of experience working with B2B SaaS startups in different content roles ranging from a content writer, On-Page SEO lead and content manager. 

Allan began his career in marketing when he first worked for Equity Bank Ltd. as a back office assistant then rose through the ranks of being a cash teller. He then moved to the University of Nairobi to begin his undergraduate studies in Engineering and process automation while working for B2B startups during his long holidays. In 2020, he worked as an independent contributor for Digital Geckos before moving to work for TORG as their chief editor in 2021. 

When he’s not editing or optimizing content, you’ll likely not find Allan as he will be exploring nature in the outdoors.

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Author: Allan Kimutai