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Streamline your daily IT tasks and focus on delivering the best service to your customers with our cutting-edge technology. Unbox that working-smart feeling with a top-rated email parsing system from Parserr.

Too many emails and not enough time?

Manually reading and responding to all those emails is time-consuming.

Seamlessly integrate Parserr with your favorite 3rd party system!

With Parserr, you set the rules, and we automatically extract the data for you. Our simple to set-up system automatically pulls names, contact info, website inquiry form data, work orders, help tickets, invoices, and more from your emails for you. Seamlessly integrate Parserr with Salesforce, Hubspot, SharePoint, Dynamic CRM, and Google Sheets. Or use Zapier or Power Automate to route data to any other pre-existing system–so you can get back to new leads first!

“We’re working on it!”

Stop wasting your team’s time correcting human errors from a manually managed inbox and let them focus on what really matters – solving customer issues. Use Parserr to set-up incoming data trigger workflows, and automatically update clients on their enquiry. Or tailor workflow messages to fast-track help ticket resolutions and email responses. Now not only do your customers get an immediate response from you, but the inquiry is automatically routed to the correct system or person to begin working on it ASAP.

Be up and running in minutes

Need to get started but no time to set us up? We offer a free white-glove setup service to get you started in under 3 minutes. Or get started automating your most common tasks faster, with our pre-built rule templates–created just for IT service companies like yours.

Parserr lets you focus on what matters most to your business.

Data Entry in

Manually analyzing emails while requesting quotes, work orders, and more, is time consuming all by itself. Throw in manual data entry, and that drawn out task just became error-prone, too!

Stop torturing yourself!

Let Parserr automate the process for you, and be done in just a fraction of the time.

Pre-Build Templates. Customize Parsing Rules.

Our super-simple, pre-built templates automate many of your routine tasks, helping you get up and running even faster. You can even customize the parsing rules to have them slot in seamlessly with your existing systems, totally code-free.

Parse data directly to your CRM, accounting software, email system, or spreadsheet, where it can trigger an automated workflow to further streamline your processes.

Be The First to
Respond to Leads.

As an industry IT services leader, you know that today’s customer goes with the company that responds to their query the fastest.

Competition has never been more fierce. So prioritizing time-sensitive email inquiries, and getting them on the right track quickly is paramount if you’re to have any chance of staying ahead.

Automatically manage the process with Parserr to improve your response time and get to your leads long before the competition does

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How Your IT Service Company Might Use Parserr

Say you’re an IT business solutions provider using Parserr in your billing department. Each day you get through hundreds of PDF invoices from vendors that will need to be organized and stored in your company’s accounting software. Using Parserr, you’ll be able to extract invoice data, and route it directly to your company’s software automatically in a matter of seconds.

Similarly, if you’re an IT solutions company using Parserr in your operations department, you’ll benefit from the efficiency of using a Sharepoint integration. Integrate your Parserr solution with Sharepoint, to automate installation request extractions from incoming web forms and service requests. Then route them to the scheduling department.

Are you a technology finance company using Parserr in your sales dept? Now your prospects will benefit from automatic status updates from you when sales quotes come in via internal forms. And using a webhook API, we’ll also process the sales request for you too!
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