Zapier Integration Partnership With Parserr

Yes, Zapier now integrates with Parserr!

After a short beta phase with the wonderful folks over at Zapier, Parserr is now live and integrates fully with Zapier’s automation software.

We have seen enormous uptake of Zapier integration with Parserr. We couldn’t possibly integrate with every CRM/ERP or Accounting system out there. That’s why partnering with Zapier has made it possible to extend the functionality of Parserr out to many different cloud companies.

Automate All Your Email, PDF, CSV Parsed Data with Zapier

Here are some of the integrations we have pre-populated for you (However you can add your extracted Parserr data to all 800 of Zapier’s supported applications):

Adding Zapier means you can now automate everything. Thus it acts as the power station for your business – sending information from one application to another, results in less book-keeping, customer support & management and order processing headaches.

How Does Zapier Work With Parserr?

Parserr allows you to turn incoming emails into useful data to use in various other third-party systems. You can use it to extract anything trapped in emails such as website inquiries, inbound lead emails or even food orders. Once extracted, we make it super easy to transfer that data into a multitude of third-party systems including Excel, Google sheets, CRM and more. Some examples include:
  1. Extracting table data from your CSV/Excel Reports and adding it to Google Sheets
  2. Extracting your incoming leads and adding them to Salesforce
  3. Extracting calendar items in your email and adding them to another calendar
  4. Extracting your appointments sent to you for the day, and putting them in your Google Calendar
  5. Extracting new employee emails and automatically creating new accounts in Google Apps/Microsoft Azure Active Directory

The options are really endless now that we can make the multitude of emails you get every day, actually work for you!

How Do You Set Up Zapier With Your Email Parser?

We have a number of Zapier support articles that show you exactly how you can get set up. To get started, you will need to create a free account on Parserr. Our onboarding process will guide you to set up the correct integrations and parsing rules required to get as much data out of your email as possible.

If you get stuck our support site has step-by-step guides on how to get set up with Zapier. But most importantly, we love to help you parse your emails. We’re just an email away:!

Free up your time and save money with Parserr today!

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