Data parsing Made Easy.

Say goodbye to tedious data parsing with Parserr! We make data extraction a breeze for you with custom rules that can be tailored to your needs and delivery of that data in the most understandable way possible.

Leave the solutions to the experts (that’s us).

Let us take care of the data parsing for you! Our team of experts is here to help you set up a customized solution that fits your needs. Schedule a call and let us handle the data extraction while you focus on what you do best

Make data extraction effortless.

Your time shouldn’t be wasted staring at excel sheets, copying and pasting. Instead, leave us help you so you can focus on getting meaningful insights from that data

Get you files the way you want.

Parserr offers a wide range of support for various file types. Extracting info from emailed documents? Website contact forms? Want it in Excel? Yeah, we do all of that too for you.

We care about your data and we care about you. Get a service specially tailored for your needs

Our team is dedicated to listening to you and creating a solution just for you. With our quick consultation, you’ll get the help you need, whenever you need it. Let us make data parsing easy for you

Thousands of Companies use Parserr to automate their processes

Ciarah Gardio

"As a CRM consultant, I help a lot of small businesses in the real estate sector optimise their processes. Most of their costs are in their employees, so I look to find a way to streamline their processes so their employees can get more done in less time. We use Parserr to assist these businesses capture their leads and website enquiries straight to their CRM without manual data entry. We're saving over 30 hours a month of data capture with Parserr.

Ryan du Preez

"Parserr was a simple choice for our business. We were spending a lot of time manually capturing rental applications into our various systems. It wasn't just one system, it was multiple. Our agents were spending more time working in systems than doing what they needed to do, which was speaking to clients and closing deals. Parserr was a no brainer really..."

And major companies use our services too

More integrations, more possibilities.

Our integrations allow you to connect to more of your preferred platforms, perfectly fitting your workflow. The good news? We have tons of them.

Free your world from manual data entry.

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