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Join the Smart Real Estate Brokerages saving both time and money with Parserr. Automate your document extraction process, integrate with 1,000s of platforms and contact new leads in minutes with a leading email parsing software.

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    What you'll have access to when you sign in to Parserr

    Seamless Integrations

    Integrate with as many systems as you need with our custom solutions, tailored to your business needs. Choose from any of our plans according to the amount of emails you process monthly.

    Priority Support

    Unresolved issues can be a major cost to your business. Our support team promises to find you a resolution within MINUTES on our Business, Enterprise, and Unlimited plans.

    Set-it & Forget-it Data Extraction

    Once you’re finished setting us up on your device, keep sending emails as normal and let Parserr do all the heavy lifting for you.

    Quick and Simple Set-up

    With our user-friendly interface, be up and running in just 5 minutes flat.


    We serve a range of industries for their document parsing needs. Parserr’s simple integration could be a great fit for your business if you work in:

    Real Estate

    IT Services




    What our customers are saying

    The best support hands down!

    Parserr has the ability to parse and change just about anything. It’s so flexible and powerful, honestly it’s way more power than we need, but no other program seemed to be capable of what we wanted.”
    Rob R.
    United States

    Connect your existing platform directly with Parserr if you use:


    The SFTP or Secure File Transfer Protocol integration provides you and the rest of the Sales Dept with a higher level of protection for your file transfers. It uses a single port number and SSH or Secure Shell to create a secure connection helping to streamline the file transfer process.


    SharePoint Online's cloud-based integration is used for information exchange and collaboration. Store, share and manage content easily across your organization while letting the App take care of identity management, site creation and architecture for you.

    Google Sheets

    The Google Sheets integration allows you to format and create spreadsheets while collaborating easily with the rest of your team.


    Parserr's direct integration with Salesforce allows you and your team to further streamline your business processes by merging your parsed email data with the functionality of the CRM.

    Power Automate

    Formerly known as Microsoft Flow, Power Automate seamlessly integrates with over 100 of your apps from Microsoft and third parties requiring no code to do so.

    Dynamics CRM

    Parserr's hassle-free integration with Microsoft's Dynamics CRM makes the process of managing data sent to you via email quick and easy, allowing you to generate more leads, and engage with your clients more efficiently.


    Parserr can be integrated with your Hubspot CRM in as little as 2 minutes, allowing for speedy document extractions and better data organization.


    Zapier provides simple integrations with 4,000+ third-party apps, all with no coding required on your end.


    Create an address with Webhook and have your data sent to in a JSON format. Once received, have full control for you and your Tech team to do whatever you want with the data.
    Need to integrate a 3rd party platform? No problem!

    Connect 100s of apps in seconds using Zapier & Power Automate as a bridge:

    Adobe Acrobat

    Read and share important PDF documents with Adobe PDF Services.

    Adobe Sign

    Adobe Sign's enterprise-class, e-signature software helps you seamlessly share and sign important documents online and store them in the cloud.

    Amazon S3

    Store and retrieve any amount of data, anywhere and at any time using Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service), the industry leader for object storage services.


    Collaborate, communicate, organize your tasks and projects with Asana's cloud-based task management platform.

    Microsoft Dataverse

    Securely store and manage your business' data with Microsoft Dataverse.


    Dropbox allows you to collaborate on projects, and store & share your files and documents on its cloud-based platform.


    Organize your data, create budgets and perform financial analysis with Microsoft Excel.


    With more than 1.5 billion users worldwide, Gmail is an email provider that allows you to easily find messages using Google's search engine and track conversations with messages in threads and tags.

    Google Drive

    Keep all of your files and docs synced to all of your devices and on one cloud with Google's Google Drive.

    Google Forms

    Get feedback and collect information with Google Forms, storing the data in your desired format using a Parserr-Zapier integration.


    Grow your email lists with Mailchimp's form and landing page builders and share important updates and information with their email newsletter service.


    Manage your schedule and send and receive emails with Microsoft Outlook's personal information manager software.


    Create invoices, track expenses, and simplify your cash flow management with Quickbooks online accounting platform.


    Parserr connects smoothly with Shopify via Zapier of Power Automate to accelerate lead generation and data analysis.

    Microsoft Teams

    Keep all of your conversations and meetings organized in one place with Microsoft Teams.


    Trello allows you to collaborate easily with your team and organize whatever you need, allowing projects to stay on track.


    Connect and share your thoughts with a big audience with Twitter.


    Host and build websites with WordPress' content management system.


    Are you a Realtor who uses Zillow? Parserr integrates seamlessly with the Zillow app, allowing you to focus on your important tasks like organizing client bookings and calls.

    Zoho CRM

    Zoho automates your repetitive business processes for you, allowing you to focus on nurturing your leads, and thereby closing more deals.

    With the help of our hands-free email parsing integration, you'll instantly be able to:

    • Automate repetitive data extraction and data entry
    • Transform email docs, forms and invoices, into meaningful data that you can easily use for your business.
    • Integrate our system with yours with ease in under 5 minutes.
    • Send incoming emailed document data straight to your CRM, spreadsheets, or whatever doc or software you’re using.

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