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Onboarding Flows

1. What is Parserr?

Description: Learn how Parserr’s done-for-you onboarding flow simplifies how data is extracted from your emails and exported to your preferred destination.


Parserr is an email parsing software built to automate your email workflows. Built to extract data from emails based on your pre-set rules, Parserr identifies specific terms and feeds that data into your integration of choice.

Email parsing

Email parsing can be visualized as a source-destination model of email workflows. Here, the source of data is your email and its destination could be your integration of choice, like Excel, Google Sheets, SFTP and Hubspot, among others.

An email parser bridges this gap by identifying specific terms from your source and feeding it into your destination. When this data workflow is scaled by hundreds of incoming emails having a similar format, an email parser cuts back tons of manual data entry by automating this data flow from source to destination.

Use cases

Parserr suits a wide range of contexts in, but not limited to Real Estate, IT Services, Marketing and Financial industries.

If you manually process email data entry frequently, an email parser will help alleviate this painful process by automating the process.

2. How does our service work?

Description: Discover how we consolidate our expertise in your niche to craft a tailored email parsing solution.

We offer parsing as a service, “done for you.” We walk you through the process and not just give you the tool and leave you to figure out how to configure emails, set up rules and integrate your destination of choice.

This begins with a discovery call where you’ll discuss how your email workflow is structured with our customer success specialist, share sample emails and explain where you want that data exported to.

Upon accepting our terms of service and privacy policy to consent us to access your sample documents for setup, we’ll set up your inbox, create rules and map with your integration of choice.

What follows is a delivery call whose objective is presenting what we accomplished with your data. Here, we’ll discuss any roadblocks alongside taking suggestions of automation solutions that we can implement for your business.

3. Learn more about all the possibilities with Parserr

Description: Explore Parserr’s broad coverage of its automation possibilities in compatible industries and use cases.

Parserr has an endless spectrum of email automation possibilities. Regardless of our industry, what matters is that you want to automate repetitive workflows by a hands-down set-it-and-forget-it email parsing solution.

From IT services, manufacturing, finance to real estate and education, Parserr grabs data trapped in your email and transforms it into a structured format in your integration of choice.

4. Schedule a Call

Description: Book an appointment with us to draft a customized email parsing setup.

Getting started with this “done-for-you” setup begins and ends with a 2-call sequence. The discovery call entails an overview of your email processes which helps us learn how you want Parserr set up for you. Upon completing this call, we’ll complete the mapping based on your desired outcome and deliver the finished product after X days  in the delivery call.

Use the link below to schedule a call with our customer success specialist.