Parserr Software Update: September 8, 2021

Small Updates to Improve Your Overall Experience with Parserr

3 Bug Fixes to Reduce Errors When Extracting Email Data to Excel

This upgraded version includes three bug fixes that will significantly reduce errors when 

extracting your email data to excel files.

What Updates Did We Make in Parserr?

1. Integration with Webhook

Now users will only be able to enter URLs into the URL field. Whenever users try to enter something that is not a URL in that field, they will get an error message. This update will greatly reduce broken or misplaced links. 

2. Improved Drop-Down Fields

Users will find that columns with drop-down menus will only accept the value within the menus. No more issues with invalid values in drop-down menus. 

3. Better Text Extraction from PDF Attachments

Now users will get cleaner text from PDF attachments. In the past, a minor bug would cause extracted text from PDF attachments to contain some ‘ ’ characters – This issue has been resolved!

We Are Always Working Hard To Make Parserr Better!

We don’t let perfect get in the way of good, but that doesn’t mean we don’t work hard to make things better!

At Parserr, we are always looking to improve our product, the features offered, and create a more user friendly experience for our customers. We can’t catch everything, so if you notice a bug, please contact us right away!