Extract Data from PDF Forms Automatically to Save Your Business Time and Money

  Anyone working in human resources, sales, accounting or administrative roles will be all too familiar with the time-suck job of copying information from hiring forms, invoices, sales orders, bank statements, reports and other PDF forms into the respective software. Not only is time-consuming to do such a mundane task, PDFs can be difficult to […]

How to Extract Data from PDF Forms Using Parserr

If you work in a human resources, purchasing, accounting or administrative role, you’re probably very familiar with compiling information from at least one the following documents: • Invoices & receipts • Purchase & sales orders • Shipping & delivery orders • Bank statements • Weekly & monthly reports • Employee forms Extracting data from these […]

Email to SharePoint List: A Product Comparison

Emailing to a SharePoint list or document library in SharePoint online is not currently available. Below we’ve put together a product comparison table to easily compare some of the options you have to solve this issue. Enjoy. In the early days of SharePoint Online, there was a great effort by the team at Microsoft to make sure […]

Boosting Team Productivity with Parserr + Zapier

Today our partner, workflow automation tool Zapier, launched a new way to use and share Parserr with your whole team. Previously Zapier offered their amazing workflow automation tool for inidividuals. That meant that when signing up, one would usually have just one account for your company, and you would need to share your zaps and […]

Zapier goes live with Parserr

Zapier has gone live with Parserr! After a short beta phase with the wonderful folks over at Zapier, Parserr is now live. We have seen an enormous uptake of Zapier with Parserr. We couldn’t possibly integrate with every CRM/ERP or Accounting system out there. That’s why, partnering with Zapier has made it possible to extend our the functionality […]

Email Parser Customer Interview: Mauricio Chinemann

Parserr sat down with Mauricio Chinemann to discuss how he saves time using Parserr in his translation business and how email parsing helps him generally in his business. Mauricio tells us he saves more than 4 hours a week by simply parsing incoming emails into a task based system. What do you do? I run a translation and localization business […]

Email Parser Customer Interview: Lucid Charts

Parserr sat down with Micaela Wright from Lucid Charts to discuss how they save time using Parserr and how email parsing helps them in their business. Lucid Chart save more than 4 hours a week by simply parsing incoming reports from Marketo and saving directly to Google Sheets, so that they can further manipulate them […]

Email to SharePoint Online

I clearly remember the great benefit of having document libraries and custom lists email-enabled in SharePoint 2007-2016. It took a little bit of work to get Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint talking to one another, but once working, “Email to SharePoint” libraries or lists worked a dream. Being able to simply forward a document, directly as […]

Create Dynamics CRM Leads from Emails with Microsoft Flow and Parserr

Do you receive emails like this? And you manually copy them into Dynamics CRM? Most businesses work through relationships. These relationships come through many different many mediums, be it word of mouth, conferences or a local letter box drop. However more and more businesses are receiving leads and new contacts through the digital medium. If […]

Email to CSV: Setup in 1 minute for free!

Let us show you how incredibly easy this is for you. In fact, we are even willing to set it up for you! Just click here to contact us and we’ll set you up for free! 99% of businesses around the world receive crucial information with their email. In fact, 78% of business owners around […]