Send email to SharePoint Lists

Store and extract your email and attachments in SharePoint Online

Make Email & SharePoint work for you

No need to manually upload your email. We assign each of your lists and libraries a unique email address.

Store project data in one place

Do you want to archive your project related documents in one site? Perhaps over multiple sites and emails? Get a unique email address for each of your lists/libraries and automate the entire project document storage process.

Extract email data for SharePoint metadata

Is there project related data in your email body you need to extract to use in your list? You can extract information to use in your lists from the email attachments (PDF, Excel and CSV data) or the body of the email itself and use that to organise and search within SharePoint.

Assign each list/library its own email inbox

Have multiple lists or team sites you'd like to email enable? Each list or library gets a unique email address as well as its own set of rules for how to extract email data and keep your email and SharePoint lists and libraries up to date.

Features and Details

We specialize in just one thing; Getting data out of email and into SharePoint quickly and easily!

Setup in 5 minutes

We make it really easy for you to setup yourself. But we also offer a free rule setup service. Signup and enquire

Analytics & reporting

Receive leads, contacts or opportunities through email you'd love to see in your CRM? you've come to the right place!

Not just SharePoint Online!

Parserr helps hundreds of companies extract data from emails and attachments to use in over 1000 other integrations including CRMs and more.

Set & forget

Once you're setup, just keep sending us emails and we'll keep doing our thing! No need to touch it again!

Supports Excel/CSV

Need to produce a report of leads captured that week? or purchase orders for the month? Thats our bread and butter!

Supports PDF

Receive report data, purchase orders or invoices in Excel, CSV or PDF form? We can extract that for you and push it anywhere thanks to our integration with Zapier!

Our Pricing Plans.

Start on our free plan if you'd like?

Parserr Enterprise
Contact us to discuss our unlimited email/document plan for high volume customers and large businesses. Complete with on-boarding & training, priority phone support and a 100% uptime SLA.



  • 15 emails/month
  • 10 documents (or mail attachments)/month
  • 1 list/library inbox

  • No Priority Support
  • 5 Parsing Rules
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  • 2500 emails/month
  • 1000 documents (or mail attachments)/month
  • 30 list/libraries enabled

  • Priority Email Support included
  • Unlimited Parsing Rules
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  • 5000 emails/month
  • 3000 documents (or mail attachments)/month
  • 60 list/libraries enabled

  • Priority Email Support included
  • Unlimited Parsing Rules
  • Custom Integrations
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  • 10000 emails/month
  • 6000 documents (or mail attachments)/month
  • 90 list/libraries enabled

  • Priority Email Support included
  • Unlimited Parsing Rules
  • Custom Integrations
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